“Penguin Classics edition of Japanese American novel ‘No-No Boy’ sparks copyright dispute” via NBC News

June 2014 reprint of ‘No-No Boy’ published by University of Washington Press

Chris Fochs wrote a piece for NBC News about the controversy surrounding Penguin Random House’s recent publication of John Okada’s “No-No Boy.”

Read an excerpt:

“Legalities aside, Wong said the publishing history of “No-No Boy” — namely the struggles he and other Asian Americans faced getting Okada’s novel out there — is as important as the book itself.

“To trample on that tradition and that history is basically intellectual property theft,” he said…

As for a resolution with Penguin Random House, Wong said he’ll support whatever the Okada family eventually agrees to.

“But from my perspective and my over 40-year involvement with this book, I think Penguin’s only solution is to withdraw the book,” he said.”

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Published on 07 June, 2019      |