“UW professor expresses outrage at Penguin Books over copyright infringement” via The Daily

Photo by Lydia Ely

Thelonious Goerz wrote an article for The Daily of the University of Washington about the recent outrage and legalities surrounding Penguin Random House’s publication of “No-No Boy” by John Okada.

Read an excerpt:

“According to Wong, after he had alleged that Penguin had violated copyright law, several lawyers offered to work pro-bono on the case. Currently, the UW Press is working on building a legal case.

Wong alleges that Penguin unlawfully published the book, never consulting him or the Okada family. On top of that, the situation has been cited by others as an outrage to the Asian-American publishing community. To Wong, and the larger publishing community, the action on the part of Penguin echoes the same imperialism of the United States during the time of Japanese internment that the book told so many years ago.”

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Published on 02 July, 2019      |