“The Legacy of ‘No-No Boy’ via UW Magazine

Thank you to my colleague, Vince Schleitwiler, for this excellent and humbling essay on my 50-year journey with John Okada’s novel, No-No Boy, published in the UW Magazine. Also, thank you to the UW Alumni Association for selecting No-No Boy as its Alumni Book Club selection and to the UW Friends of the Library for selecting me to give the annual lecture on January 30th on No-No Boy. I’m so grateful to everyone for bringing so much attention to the John Okada story this year.

Read an excerpt:

“As his colleague Anis Bawarshi explains, Wong’s work has included institutional leadership on equity and inclusion in various capacities, including a stint heading the English Department. ‘He is so unassuming, it is sometimes easy to forget that we have a legend in our midst,’ says Bawarshi, the current chair. ‘But at a time when we in English and other humanities departments are thinking critically about disciplinary boundaries and their organizing epistemologies—what they include and exclude—Professor Wong has played a crucial leadership role in helping us understand how centering equity can transform and enrich our disciplines.'”

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Published on 20 December, 2019      |